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Why should I leave my car at a full service repair shop to get my oil changed, when I can get it done while I wait?

The best thing for your pocket book and for the well being of your vehicle is to take your car to a reliable shop to get the oil changed. Leaving (yes leaving) your vehicle for an oil change gives us the time to test drive and generally inspect your car.

You should have your oil changed every 3,000 miles or 3-4 months for most model cars - check your owners manual to make sure or bring your car by to us and we will take a look at your owners manual at no charge to you and let you know when you need your oil changes and vehicle serviced. These are opportunities for a qualified mechanic to peek over your car's major vital parts.

Oil change ads in the newspaper are loss leaders anyway, so don't think you are going to get your oil changed and be out of there for $12.95. The best bet is they'll find something to sell you. Those newspaper ads cost a lot of money to print, and there is no profit in an oil change for $25--let alone $12. Wouldn't it be better to pay a little more over a period of time to a qualified, honest mechanic for proper maintenance than one large sum for drastic last minute repairs due to neglect and over sight. If the shop that you trust tells you to replace a tire, don't wait! Have them replace the tire because there is a genuine problem with the tire.

Preventative Maintenance:
First and foremost is changing the oil and filter and lubrication of the undercarriage. Rotation of tires; brake, belt, hose inspection; and testing antifreeze protection are the basics. Wreckers tow numerous vehicles in because they won't start, and the major cause is loose or dirty battery terminals. Battery terminals and battery water level should be checked during an oil change, if possible (some batteries do not allow for water levels to be checked, but the terminals can always be checked). .

Changing fluids on a car is pretty easy, fast, cheap, and very profitable for a quick-lube shop. They do a good job of showing you the "dirty/bad" fluid that is in your car and the harm it is doing and so on. They have a nice check out list of the things that are profitable for them to replace or repair, but not necessarily what should be checked during a Preventative Maintenance visit.

They too are in the business of making money. Does your dentist check your eyesight? No, he provides a service he was trained for. Also, don't classify all mechanics as the same. A mechanic is only as good as his capability will allow him to be. Would you rather be inconvenienced a few hours every 3-4 months taking your car in to a full service repair shop, or hassled every 6-8 months because something that should have been caught during a PM broke on the way out of town with the kids in the car?

Take a deep breath, I know it's just an oil change, but it could be much more. Stop by Nichols Automotive and let us begin a Preventative Maintenance plan for your vehicle at your next scheduled oil change.


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