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We carry several different wheel and tire lines at Nichols Automotive Service Center. We are very competitive on our prices and will compete with the "big box" retailers and chain stores on price, while there is no competition when it comes to our service. Stop by and see how we compare next time your car, truck or SUV needs tires.

Nichols Automotive also has professional mounting, balancing and alignment services. If you notice your car, truck or SUV is not riding as comfortable as it once did or it is pulling to one side putting pressure on the steering to keep it in line with the road, stop by Nichols Automotive and let us check your balance and alignment and make any suggestions that will give you a comfortable, safe ride.

We also carry a large variety of custom wheels. While we may not have the in-house selection that larger wheel shops carry, we can special order most any style and have them delivered in 24 hours. We take care to install wheels and tires on your vehicle that not only look good, but will be safe for you and your family.

We have listed some questions and answers about purchasing tires for your vehicle that may help you in choosing your next tire.

1. What should I look for in a tire?
You should look for a tire which best suits your driving requirements. Tires are manufactured for most requirements; wet or dry traction, high mileage, high-speed control, steering response, ride comfort, etc. Nichols Automotive will be able to advise you of product features and benefits.

2. There are so many brands and models to choose from. How do I know which one is best for me?
Discussing your needs with a tire professional will help establish a tire product that best suits your requirements and your budget. Nichols Automotive staff will ask questions regarding your expectations of the product, the type of driving you do, how long you expect to keep your vehicle, etc. A salesperson just asking you what size you want is not ensuring you receive the best tire to suit your needs and expectations.

3. Aren't all tires the same?
This is a common misconception. Like many other products in the marketplace, science and technology play a large part in the design and manufacture of tires. Tires may feature, in differing configurations, various materials such as polyester, rayon, nylon and steel. Manufacturers use these materials along with others in varying combinations. In addition, different rubber compounds are used in the sidewall, bead and tread areas of a tire.

4. I've heard tires have speed ratings. Is this important for me to know?
Yes, tires do have speed ratings and it is recommended that all tires on your vehicle be of the same speed rating. It is also important that you replace your original (O.E.) tires with equal to or higher speed rated tires. Replacing your O.E. tires with tires of a lower speed rating may lead to inferior handling performance of your vehicle.

Speed ratings were developed to standardize the safe performance of tires at sustained or continuous speeds. The most common speed ratings, other than for high performance automobiles, are:

S = 180 km/h
T = 190 km/h
H = 210 km/h

5. How can I tell when it is time to replace my old tires?
Most automobile tires have a built-in tread wear indicator in the tread area of the tire. This wear indicator will show when there are 2/32" remaining on the tread. Depending on your driving habits or road conditions, you should replace the tire no later than when the wear indicator is visible. Be aware of the provincial regulations that may govern tire wear and may vary by province or state. Consult with Nichols Automotive professional to ensure that not only are your tires are safe to ride on, but that you are also within any laws or safety requirements pertaining to your tires.

6. The wear on my tires looks strange. What causes this?
Wear problems could have a variety of causes. The problem could be caused by over-or-under inflation of the tire, mechanical problems, or the need for an alignment (caster, camber or toe). Talk to a Nichols Automotive professional to get an assessment as to what is causing the irregular wear.

7. How much should I pay for a tire?
Costs for a tire will vary depending on many factors. Most professional tire stores will offer tire products in economy, mid-range and premium categories. In some cases, consumers may find very low priced tires, however, these tires may have been built using older technology or not carry warranties the same as other available products. Nichols Automotive offers several different levels of pricing of tires for your vehicle, while making sure you are getting a tire that meets your needs, while maintaining safety and comfort.

8. What's this I hear about rotations? Do I really need it?
Having your tires rotated at regular intervals will help to ensure you receive the maximum mileage from your tires. Stop by Nichols Automotive and let us check the tread on your tires and make a recommendation to you about rotating your tires.

9. Does it make any difference where I buy my tires?
There are many qualified professional tire retailers to choose from. You should select a supplier in whom you have confidence, who will be there for you in case of any problems that might arise. Get to know the retailer and let them get to know you and your car. Granted, Nichols Automotive Service Center would be grateful for your business, but if you don't choose us, choose a tire retailer you can trust.

10. Can you suggest a specific tire for my vehicle?
The answer to this is "Yes, we can!". However, the most accurate way of determining your tire needs is to stop by and let us ask you a few questions about how you use your vehicle and check the manufacturer recommendations.

11. At times tires are advertised at a warehouse club, department store, etc at very low prices. Why should I buy from Nichols Automotive?
We offer tires for all budgets for all vehicle applications. At times it appears that you are getting a good deal from a warehouse club or department store, however, when shopping these locations you should consider some very important facts:

  • Who will service your tire should a warranty situation occur?
  • Read the warranty carefully. Is it a rating or an actual warranty?
  • Are there any extra hidden charges?
  • Where can you go for service?
  • Did you get any assistance at all?

12. May I install a less expensive passenger tire on my pick-up or utility vehicle?
The answer to this is most likely NO! Unless the vehicle originally came with a passenger tire size, it is not recommended to switch from a light truck tire size to a passenger tire. The reason is mainly load ratings or carrying capacities of the tires. If the tires you install do not have the same or a greater load rating, they will not only affect the handling capabilities of the vehicle but also could lead to rapid or uneven wear. This, in turn, could cause a dangerous ride condition.

We are conveniently located near the corner of Washington Rd and Bobby Jones Expressway and open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Stop by and visit with us today,
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